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3rd Refugee Film Festival

11 Jun 2010

They can took my home, but they can't take away my future.

The 2009 Refugee Film Festival was a success.  This year with the continuous support from Broadway Cinematheque, Yau Ma Tei Kowloon, the Refugee Film Festival will be launched in a bigger scale from June 20 to 25, 2010.



On-line ticketing from June 1 :

Burma VJ  ( 84 mins )
20/6 Sun 9:45 pm  & 24/6 Thu 9:35 pm 
The film offers a unique insight into high-risk journalism and dissidence in a police state, while at the same time providing a thorough documentation of the historical and dramatic days of September 2007, when the Buddhist monks poured onto the streets in protest.

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Cambodia Dreams(  65 mins )
20/6 Sun 7:40 pm & 21/6 Mon 7:40 pm
New Zealand filmmaker Stanley Harper spent 18 years to make “Cambodia Dreams”, an inspiring and heart-rending story about an ordinary Cambodian family torn apart since the fall of the Khmer Rouge.  Even though the basic needs of the refugees were met in the camp, nevertheless an 81 year old grandmother, Yan Chieng, displayed extraordinary strength and determination.
*Film director Stanley Harper will attend the after movie Meet-the-Audience session
God Grew Tired  of Us ( 89 mins )  
22/6 Tue 7:50 pm  & 23/6 Wed 9:35 pm

Orphaned by a tumultuous civil war and traveling barefoot across the sub-Saharan desert, John, Daniel and Panther were among the 25,000 “Lost Boys” (ages 3 to 13) who fled villages, and traveled together for five years into the UN’s refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya. The three of them along with 3,800 other young survivors, were selected to re-settle in the United States, where they build active and fulfilling new lives.

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Heart of Jenin ( 90 mins )
23/6 Wed 7:50 pm  & 25/6 Fri 9:45 pm 
The father of a Palestinian boy who was shot to death by Israeli soldiers, donated his son's organs which saved the lives of six Israeli children. This powerful story illustrates one more step towards the reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.
Visitor ( 104 mins )
22/6 Tue 9:35 pm  & 25/6 Fri 7:45 pm
When a lonely college professor encountered a young musician by chance and developed into a strong friendship.  However when the professor discovers that the young musician had been deported back to his country after failing in his asylum application, he learns about the lives and experiences of asylum seekers in the city. 
War Child (94 mins)
21/6 Mon 9:45 pm & 24/6 Thu 7:50 pm
“War Child” tells the story of Emmanuel, with remarkable film footage of his childhood captured by National Geographic.  At the age of seven, Emmanuel was caught up in Sudan’s civil war and became a child soldier.  The media took notice of his charismatic personality and made him a spokesperson for child soldiers.  When he grew up and resettled to American, his life changed and became a rap singer sharing a message of peace.

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